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New Construction

We offer full service design focusing on high-end residential projects. Our comprehensive approach assists clients in all aspects of a project from start to finish. From collaborating with architects and builders to the selection of architectural details,  finishes, and decor we help to facilitate each and every design decision along the way.   Our ongoing communication as the liaison between our client and their architects, builders and other professionals ensures that your project transitions with ease from the construction document phase to building and interior design.

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Space Planning

Do you have an idea of how you would like to use a space but not sure how to fit it all in?  We love this part of the design process as it answers so many questions. 2D floor plans and realistic 3D renderings enable you to visualize your finished space before the first piece of furniture has been ordered. Our intricate renderings present the functional and authentic character and details of your project-from furniture placement to built-ins and interior fixtures. 

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Our concierge service is capable of assisting and facilitating all of our projects from initial concept to completion. We will transform your home into a functional beautiful space with furniture, textiles, accessories and provide you with custom pieces to last a lifetime. Our flexible approach to design will expertly reflect the personal taste and style of our clients, weaving all of the details together to create a unique and cohesive aesthetic for your space. 

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